PA801: 54mm British Grenadiers Colour Party Moulds

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These are vulcanised black rubber moulds that allow you to cast the British Grenadiers Colour Party, provided kit No. PA800 is also used. These 3 moulds enable you to cast standard bearers, saluting soldiers and saluting officers. You will require 75g of metal per figure.

British Grenadiers Colour Party Master Tools

 British Grenadiers Colour Party Master Tools for heads

Tools to make the moulds.

The left side two tools contain a standard bearer walking and three arms, holding a scabbard, to attention and holding a sword. The right-side two tools contain a standard bearer standing to attention with a detached left arm. The other tool in the mould contains two arms - one holding a standard and one a rifle.

 British Grenadiers Colour Party illustrations

Each mould in this kit contains several parts. Right and left arms which go together are attached to the same ingate. When two colours are carried the close escort consists of three N.C.O.s, on in between the colours and one each on either side, a little to the rear.

British Grenadiers Colour Party illustrations

The British Infantry "colours" consist of two flags, one sovereign's flag or queen's flag, and one regimental flag for each battalion in the regiment, (excluding rifle battalions). The sovereign's colour is the union flag with the regimental badge in the centre, and also the battalion number roman numerals i.e. I, II, III etc.

 British Grenadiers Colour Party illustrations

The regimental colour is generally in the racing colour of the particular regiment, again with the regimental badge, and embroidered with the regiment's battle honours. Up until the 1880's a small union flag was placed in the upper canton of the regimental colour nearest the pole. Until the Great War there were no battle honours embroidered on the sovereign's colour but after 1918 up to ten were permitted on this colour.

The Regimental flags of "Royal" regiments were always blue and regiments with white facings had a St. George's Cross (red) on their white flag. The one regiment which is an exception to this rule is the foot guards whose sovereign's colour is crimson and whose regimental colour is the "Union Flag" with badge and battle honours.

As a general rule the privilege of holding the colours was given to officers, (though there are a few regimental traditions which are exceptions to this). This officer is called an ensign, and on ceremonial occasions is accompanied by a "close escort" of other ranks.

 British Grenadiers Colour Party illustrations

When only one colour is paraded, two N.C.O.'s often form the close escort. The form of escorts can differ from regiment to regiment.

 British Grenadiers Colour Party illustrations

When assembling the figures for the colour party, the escort can be made using the arms in this kit showing the soldier at attention (a). Alternatively , the rifle at slope could be used from kit PA800 (b). The figure of the officer is shown with the sword in the salute position. The tip if the blade is almost touching the ground and the left hand holds the scabbard.

For a marching colour party, use the slope arms in kit PA800 for the escort, and the officers arm with the sword raised.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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