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PA851D: Pre 1902 U.S.A. - Great Powers of the 1900's Mould

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This blister contains a single durable black rubber mould that casts 54mm scale fully round metal miniatures of toy soldiers. This is compatible with the PA851 Set (contains A,B and C moulds). It does NOT contain arms or weapons, those items are cast from the PA851 Mould set. This is NOT a stand alone mould but an extension of the previous set.

The great European powers dominated the world in the period of 1900 to 1914 and this mould includes U.S.A line infantry from the Pre 1902 era. These are parade ground uniforms.

In 1900 the U.S infantry wore a spiked helmet based on the Prussian Pickelhaube which had been introduced in 1881. The helmet was black with a gilt eagle at the front. The Jacket for officers was double breasted while that of the other ranks was single. At the end of the Spanish – American war in 1902 some modifications were introduced which continued until America’s entry into the Great War. The spiked helmet was replaced by a soft peaked cap which had a gold U.S eagle badge on the front. Uniform details were very much the same as the older uniform for both officers and men with some minor changes in buttons and cuffs. This extension mould allows you to convert the post-1902 uniforms (PA851) to the earlier 1900 uniform.

These moulds are suitable for casting in all alloys, if you use the Prince August Solder Pot to aid you. You can also find the Digital Thermometer very useful for making sure you have the metal at the right temperature.

There are PTFE rods included to allow you to make the neck hole to attach the head later. Just place the small rods in the body cavity where the head would be after you have applied the talcum powder and before assembling the mould. Take it out after casting and keep safe for reuse. If you loose the PTFE rod, more are available online.

Assembly of the casted figures is required so you may wish to acquire some superglue suitable for metal. Scratch the areas a little in a crosshatch pattern before attaching to give more grip for the glue.

Colours for painting these uniforms are recommended as follows:

Uniforms: White (70951), Gloss Black (70861), Dark Prussian Blue (70899), Black (70950), Leather Brown (70871), Brass (70801), Sky Blue (70961).

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Illustration is copyright of the Werner Company.

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