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PA967: Saxon Soldier 40mm Scale Mould

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Saxon warriors wore mail shirts and were much better armed than the peasantry and could pose a real challenge for Viking raiders, often leading to victories due to better strategies rather than just individual fighting skills. The Saxons had more to lose than the Vikings, they were protecting their families and possessions as well as their lives and this often made them formidable foes. Vikings in return could be especially brutal and ruthless when fighting a difficult enemy.

You could turn this Saxon warrior into another Viking as the only apparel that marks him English is his Phrygian style leather cap. Each metal ingot should cast about four of these fierce soldiers.

This rubber mould will allow you to reuse it hundreds of times using our Model Metal.

Viking Painting Guide:

B = Base, W = Wash, HD = Hi-Dry, BD = Base Dry.

All figures are first undercoated in white paint and all the other colours are painted over this.

AV951 - White.

AV950 - Black.

AV926 - Red.

AV908 - Carmine Red.

AV980 - Black Green.

AV864 - Natural Steel.

AV871 - Leather Brown.

AV877 - Gold Brown.

AV984 - Flat Brown.

AV916 - Sand Yellow.

AV818 - Red Leather.

AV981 - Orange Brown.

AV815 - B. Skintone.

AV846 - Mahogany Brown.

AV827 - Lime Green.

AV940 - Saddle Brown.

AV826 Germ. Cad. M. Brown.

PDF Download:

Saxon Warrior Painting Guide (PDF).

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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