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PA970: Viking Huscarl with Raven Standard 40mm Scale Mould

  • PA970 Huscarl with Raven Standard blister
  • Huscarl with Raven Standard
  • 40mm scale chart
  • Huscarl with Raven Standard Painting Instructions
  • Hobby Casting Metal Miniatures using Prince August Rubber Moulds
  • Venting Guide to Prince August Toy Soldier Moulds
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Vikings are fierce historical warriors, dating back to the Dark Ages of Europe and before, they came from northern Europe on their longboats to pilliage and capture slaves, at least at first, and later developed trade routes that stretched for thousands of miles. Eventually many Vikings settled across lands they encountered, seeking opportunities to prosper on more hospitable territories than their previous homelands provided. Vikings were clannish in nature, often fighting each other at times, fond of travel and the term "to viking" was a kind of call to "travel overseas".

Standards were useful to rally your warriors around and give them courage, as losing it was dishonourable. The sight of a Black Raven or Eagle would also frighten many of their foes, as it promised a hard fight and little mercy if they lost.

This rubber mould can cast a huge amount of 40mm scale fully round standard bearers to compliment your other Viking raider parties. Each ingot of metal can be used to cast up to 4 figures on average, although in this case, three is more likely as the inclusion of the standard requires more metal than normal figures.

Viking Painting Guide:

B = Base, W = Wash, HD = Hi-Dry, BD = Base Dry.

All figures are first undercoated in white paint and all the other colours are painted over this.

AV951 - White.

AV950 - Black.

AV994 - Dark Grey.

AV990 - Light Grey.

AV980 - Black Green.

AV864 - Natural Steel.

AV908 - Carmine Red.

AV847 - Dark Sand.

AV818 - Red Leather.

AV815 - B. Skintone.

AV846 - Mahogany Brown.

AV977 - Desert Yellow.

AV875 - Beige Brown.

AV912 - Tan Yellow.

AV984 - Flat Brown.

PDF Download:

Viking Standard Bearer Painting Guide (PDF).

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