PA971: Viking Leif Eriksson - Viking Chief 40mm Scale Mould

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Leif was the son of Erik the Red--"Leif the Lucky," the man who brought the Christian faith to Greenland. Many tales are told of Leif, including the Tales of Vinland. He is probably the first European to discover America, 500 years before Columbus. His brother Thorvald Eriksson led an expedition to Vinland (named after an abundance of grapes in the area) after Leif and encountered Skraelings, which resulted in his death by a skraeling arrow. Skraelings were the name the Vikings gave to the native tribes of Indians they encountered.

This is an extremely detailed mould that allow for hundreds of figures to be cast. Using your imagination and our moulds you can relive that exciting and often very dangerous time for those early settlers in the new world. There are loads more compatible Viking themed moulds to choose from.

Our metal ingots have enough metal to usually cast about 4 figures each, and we offer bulk discounts for larger purchases of metal.

Viking Painting Guide:

B = Base, W = Wash, HD = Hi-Dry, BD = Base Dry.

All figures are first undercoated in white paint and all the other colours are painted over this.

AV951 - White.

AV950 - Black.

AV814 - Burnt Cad Red.

AV884 - Stone Grey.

AV980 - Black Green.

AV908 - Natural Steel.

AV847 - Dark Sand.

AV818 - Red Leather.

AV815 - B. Skintone.

AV846 - Mahogany Brown.

AV875 - Beige Brown.

AV984 - Flat Brown.

AV856 - Ochre Maroon.

AV909 - Vermillion.

AV809- Royal Blue.

AV899 - Dark Prussian.

AV841 - Andrea Blue.

PDF Download:

Viking Leif Eriksson Painting Guide (PDF).

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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