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PA973: Viking woman and child 40mm Scale Mould

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Many people see Vikings as purely plunders, terrors from the sea, and in some ways and at certain times, they could be. But they also traded widely, formed alliances, had a strong sense of family and honour, but they also traded slaves, and some of their prisoners were forcefully 'married' to their captors and bore them offspring. Some Viking women reportedly did travel with their men when seeking to settle new lands, as they naturally wanted their family or loved ones with them, or after preparing the way they went and brought their family over to the new area.

In all circumstances women had to survive and learn to defend themselves, not only from other Vikings, but from hostile natives they now were raising their children near. The wanderlust of many Vikings meant that they often were absent from their homes for weeks or months at a time, and it was the women that had to farm and trade and protect their homes during these absences, although neighbouring allied or related Vikings would help too.

This black rubber mould gives you the opportunity to cast hundreds of 40mm scale metal figures. This figure is a combined one, the woman and the child are one piece. If you have not cast before you should consider acquiring our basic starter kit so you have the accessories needed to use this mould. A single ingot of metal will cast on average 4 figures.

Viking Painting Guide:

B = Base, W = Wash, HD = Hi-Dry, BD = Base Dry.

All figures are first undercoated in white paint and all the other colours are painted over this.

AV951 - White.

AV950 - Black.

AV929 - Light Brown.

AV980 - Black Green.

AV864 - Natural Steel.

AV837 - Pale Sand.

AV815 - B. Skintone.

AV846 - Mahogany Brown.

AV984 - Flat Brown.

AV913 - Yellow Ochre.

AV976 - Buff.

AV974 - Green Sky.

AV942 - Light Green.

AV820 - Off White.

AV976 - Iraqui Sand.

PDF Download:

Viking Woman and Child Painting Guide (PDF).

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