PAI951: Irish Wild Geese 3pdr Cannon 40mm Scale Mould

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This is a vulcanised black rubber mould of a 40mm scale cannon that comes in two parts that can be assembled and then you pour the preferred metal into it and allow it to cool.

There are three other moulds in this range to containing artillery team plus three separate carriage moulds.

Cannons at this time were not very accurate due to a lack of rifling. There were no standardization of how cannon dimensions should be so this resulted in gaps between the ball and the inner wall of the cannon resulting in its rattling down it as it fired making accuracy impossible.

The Irish Wild Geese moulds, the French Regiments 1750 and the Karoliner are the same moulds. S901, F901 & I901 are the same mould supplied with a label with a picture appropriate to that regiments colour scheme, the exception is i903 which has an alternative infantry solder instead of the pike man. This cannon can be used as a 6pdr for 25mm scale battles.

Due to older packaging, some paint information is incorrect, we do not stock Molak paint and advise all customers to use the better quality Vallejo acrylics instead.

The common paints to use are: Scarlet (code av817), Flat Green (Code av968), Hull Red (av985), Silver (av997), Light Brown (av929) and Black (av950) and White (av951).

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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