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Prussia Infantry Regiment No. 5 "Alt-Praunshweig" 54mm - 1752 MOULDS

The uniform was introduced in 1752. The colour of the coat was Prussian blue with the tie and the cocktail cuffs being red. Breeches, waist-coat and borders were coloured in light brown. Officers wore 30 embroidered golden bows: on the borders there were 12, two in the back, and on the waist, sleeves and pockets were each decorated with four bows. After the "Seven Years War" the embroidery on the borders was omitted. The non-commissioned officers uniforms were decorated with 10 yellow laces: in twos under each packet's flap, cuff and in the back. The white Tambour braids were designed rhomboid, coloured yellow and blue.

The flags were light-yellow with a blazing red cross; on a white shield in the center, you could see an eagle, flying to the sun. Above, there was situated a light-yellow ribbon, with the words "Pro Gloria et Patria" written on it. The painting was golden. The standard flag was white with a blazing red cross. Its shield was coloured light-yellow and the ribbon was white.

The Regiment was founded in 1655 as Eulen-burgsches Regiment. After it became customary in the Prussian Army to name each regiment after its current commander in chief. From 1755 it took its name after Herzog Ferdinand von Braunschweig (Brunswick).

All the figures have separate heads enabling each figure to be made into a grenadier or musketeer. Each figure comes with one head as illustrated, except 407 which has both heads. All these products are manufactured in a Gaeltacht or Irish speaking district in Ireland by Irish workers. Táimíd lonnaithe i gCill na Marta i gcroí lár Ghaeltacht Mhúscraí. Caitheamh aimsire fíor thaitneamhach don gclann go léir.

Prussian Moulds 1752

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