Queen Medb - Queen of Connaught - Legendary Celts - Hand Painted

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Queen Medb, Seductress and Queen of Connaught, 90mm scale miniature.

Medb was a queen living in approximately the 1st century B.C. She is most famous as a protagonist in the story of the Cattle Raid of Cooley (The Táin Bó Cuailnge) and adversary of Cuchulainn the legendary Celtic hero. She was named after the Celtic Goddess of Intoxication. She married a series of powerful men, Conchobar Mac Nessa of Ulster, a Connaught chieftain called Ailill and finally Ailill Mac Ross, a son of the King of Leinster. She also took Fergus Mac Roich (foster-father of Cuchulainn) as a lover because of his huge sexual appetite matched hers. She lived in Co. Sligo in Connaught and there are many monuments which are linked to her name. She was slain by Furbaide Ferbend (son of Conchobar Mac Nessa) while she was bathing in a lake on an island in Lough Ree, Co. Roscommon because she had murdered his mother.

The figures are painted by experienced Irish artists and were designed by internationally famous miniature designer Alan Dickinson.

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Queen Medb - Queen of Connaught - Legendary Celts
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