TG1222: Warzone Dark Legion Templar Void Cannon Specialist Figures

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Dark Legion Templar Void Cannon Specialist figure:

The Templars, despite their appearance are not human, having been brought across great gulfs of time and space by Ilian to fight and kill in her name. An extremely warlike race and utterly fearless on the battlefield, they revel in the task appointed by their Mistress.

One noteworthy weapon used by Ilian's Temple Guards would be the Void Cannon, also known as the "Metacannon". This massive, warped-looking weapon is distinctive for having, suspended under the barrel, a glass sphere containing a fetus-like creature (a "homunculus") suspended in foul fluids, connected to the machinery of the gun by an umbilical cord. While this creature bears a disturbing resemblance to a human fetus, it possesses a pair of stubby horns, and its eyes, when open, glow with an inner and unholy light. This creature actually serves to channel the forces of the Void to provide "ammunition" for the weapon, which fires blasts of dark energy at its hapless targets, and it also serves to subtly assist the firer in aiming the weapon properly. This creature also presents a weak point for the weapon, for if the sphere is shattered and the homunculus slain, the weapon is robbed of its source of power, and is therefore useless.

Squad: Up to 1 Void Cannon Specialist per Templar squad.

Equipment: Void Cannon, Sword.

Special Abilities: Immune to Panic, Immune to Fear.

Metal figure is 28mm scale. Sold in a blister pack. Packed by Target Games staff.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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