TG9707: Warzone Dark Legion Nepharite of Semai Figures

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Dark Legion Nepharite of Semai #2 figure:
Spells used by the servants of Semai are focused upon concealment, illusion, and domination of the will. Nepharites of Semai often use powers of illusion to make themselves appear as other people, as part of their general plan of deception.

Nepharites of Semai are quite possibly the most human-looking of all of the Nepharites, remaining approximately human-sized, and lacking any distinctive horns or other such inhuman features, though they still often possess blue skin covered with tattoos, and gruesome features. Nepharites of Semai often disguise themselves, perhaps dressing up in an Inquisitor's robes or taking on the guise of respected officials in order to lead humanity astray and to start conflicts. They are also the weakest of the Nepharites in terms of raw combat abilities, though their strength is in subtlety, not brute force. Nepharites of Semai possess a special ability to warp and corrupt inanimate objects by touching and focusing on them, and they can do this to living beings as well, though on a more spiritual level. The impure in heart can be molded like putty in the hands of a Nepharite of Semai, and turned to do his bidding.

Equipment: Dimension Blade, Jahkt Throwing Disc.

Special Abilities: Immune to Panic, Immune to Fear, Give Orders, Supernatural Powers 3.

Special Rules: The Nepharite of Semai may choose Supernatural Powers from the Semai list of Supernatural Powers. When a human model attempts to Fire at a Nepharite of Semai they suffer an RC penalty of -2 due to the incessant whispering voices that fill their mind with seductive lies and false promises.

Metal figure is 28mm scale. Sold in a blister pack. Packed by Target Games staff.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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