TG9728PB: Warzone Capitol Ranger Sergeant. Figures

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Capitol Ranger Sergeant figure:

Capitol has one of the largest forces in the solar system with a number of special forces units. The Rangers are the ultra elite of the Capitol armed forces. They are hand picked from other regiments and specially trained for each specific assignment. All Rangers are skilled combat veterans and experts in the use of camouflage. They are often deployed by Manta Assault Craft for lightening assaults when they strike fast and hard specializing in close quarters fighting with their Combat Knives and large caliber Combat Pistols. These Troops are so experienced that they even use infiltration techniques and parachute deployment, which are normally reserved for airborne specialists. Although lightly armoured they are a versatile and powerful weapon in the Capitol arsenal.

Squad: Up to 1 Sergeant.

Equipment: Assault Rifle, Combat Pistol, Combat Knife.

Special Abilities: Camouflage, Tactical Sense.

Special Rules:

When buying Rangers you can purchase one of the following Special Abilities for the Unit. You must buy the chosen Special Ability and apply the point cost to ALL members of the unit.

Special Ability ---------- Point Cost:

Infilitrate ------------------- 7 points

Parachute Deployment - 7 points.

Metal figure is 28mm scale. Sold in a plastic bag. Packed by Prince August staff.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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