TG9906PB: Warzone Tribes of Earth Crescentian Tribes Martyr Figures

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Tribes of Earth - Crescentian Martyr figure:
There are a number of ways you can fight with the Tribes of Earth, Although their forces are small compared to those of the Mega-corporations, they live in a world of constant strife and often fight against each other, Tribe against Tribe. In addition to this the Mega-corporations are known to use them as mercenaries. When playing one of the 5 Mega-corporations you may spend up to one third of your points of units from the Tribes of Earth. The Brotherhood and the Dark Legion do not use Tribal mercenaries.

There are also rare occasions when such mercenary groups have rebelled against the corporation that hired them and gone rogue. These rogue armies tend to be small forces fighting gorilla campaigns from remote regions of the inhabited worlds. Such armies must consist of units from the same Tribe.

THE CRESCENTIANS: Most of the Tribes are driven by a strict adherence to ancient religious beliefs. The Crescentians follow a tenet derived from the teachings of Islam, though the wisdom and beauty of the faith has given way to violent Jihad.

Martyrs are those warriors that have lost everything they ever cared about. All that remains to them is their loyalty to the Tribe for whom they will gladly give their lives.

Squad: 4 - 8 Martyrs.

Equipment: Explosives, Pistol.

Special Abilities: Immune to Fear, High Morale +4, Camouflage.

Special Rules: Martyrs go into battle with high explosives strapped to their bodies. By spending an Action they attempt to detonate the explosives thus sacrificing their lives for the greater glory of the Tribe. See the Explosives Special Rules for details on detonating the explosives. Martyrs are also equipped with a grappling hook launcher, which allows them to climb twice the normat distance for each Action spent climbing.

Metal figure is 28mm scale. Sold in a plastic bag. Packed by Prince August staff.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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