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The Lutherans follow a creed derived from ancient Christian doctrine but like much about life on Earth, it is now a sickly mutation of the benevolent faith that it was.

The Disciples form the greater part of the Lutheran army. Armed with two sawn-off shotguns they are deadly in combat and unshakeable in the strength of their faith. Also strong in faith are the Fusiliers who always attempt to outflank the enemy and come upon them unawares. Striding confidently through the Lutheran ranks are the Corsairs. These strong-willed individuals call out orders even as they cut the enemy down with their two-handed power scythes.

The Greymourns provide some much-needed firepower, choosing their targets carefully before firing their grenade launchers. Finally the Patriarchs lend their considerable leadership to the troops but they do not lead from afar, they prefer to get close to the enemy before pulling the trigger on their sawn-off shotguns.

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