Ultimate Battle of Waterloo Chess Mould Gift Kit - PA12700UG

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The Battle of Waterloo Ultimate Gift Kit is perfect for creative people of any age that enjoy making quality products themselves at home. Ideal for chess players and those with a historical interest in Napoleon or the Battle of Waterloo in the early 19th Century. These are 54mm scale fully rounded metal miniatures and are beautifully designed by Chris Tubb, our sculptor. Each mould can cast hundreds of times so this gift can be used to give gifts to others and help spread the joy exponentially.

This Ultimate Gift kit contains:
  • Napoleon's chess side 3 moulds (that can cast the king, queen, bishop, knight, rook and pawn).
  • Duke of Wellington chess side 3 moulds (that can cast the king, queen, bishop, knight, rook and pawn),
  • 2 large support boards. These sandwich the mould and insulate it and spread the pressure from the clamps.
  • 14 bars of Model metal (approximately 1.7KG).
  • Small pot of release agent. This coats the surface of the mould to allow air to escape and stop the metal from sticking to the mould.
  • Large sturdy cardboard storage box. Keep your moulds and accessories organised.
  • Painting and casting instructions.

Apart from this kit you need casting accessories (PA2000), model paints, brushes, snipper and a heat source like a domestic cooker. All items can be found in our web shop.

Model metal contains a percentage of lead in the alloy.

Size of Pieces:

Napoleon's King - 70mm | Wellington's King - 69mm

Napoleon's Queen - 64mm | Wellington's Queen - 64mm

Napoleon's Bishop - 69mm | Wellington's Bishop - 69mm

Napoleon's Knight - 60mm | Wellington's Knight - 60mm

Napoleon's Rook - 68mm | Wellington's Rook - 68mm

Napoleon's Pawn - 73mm | Wellington's Pawn - 73mm


The Battle of Waterloo - June 1815

The Waterloo campaign of 1815 was without exception the most famous of the Nineteenth century. It was to culminate in the final overthrow of Napoleon Bonaparte and the end of twenty five years of warfare. Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperer of the French and one time master of the largest European empire since Rome, had marched against Brussels in order to defeat the first of the Allied armies before the others could attack. To oppose Napoleon' s advance, two of the Allied armies were assembling. The first being basically Anglo-Dutch and commanded by the Duke of Wellington. The Duke, was already victor in the earlier Peninsular War, a major factor in Napoleon's earlier defeat and abdication. The final confrontation on the 18th June was both climactic and costly in casualties: over 80,000 combined forces fell that day. It is now possible to share in the power struggle between these two powerful tacticians with the Napoleonic Chess Set. This way the outcome does not always have to be as it was on that fateful day.


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