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Ultimate Seven Years War Mould Gift Kit - PA123100UG

  • Ultimate Gift Kit - Seven Years War Prussian set
  • Prussian Standard Bearer and Officer
  • Prussian Musketeer and Grenadier
  • Prussian Fusilier NCO and Grenadier Drummer
  • Ultimate Gift Kit - Seven Years War Prussian set
  • How to use an O-ring or Core when casting from Prince August moulds.
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This Ultimate Gift Kit is for creative people that have a historical interest in warfare, especially on of the first trully global wars, the Seven Years' War. This is an expanding range but this kit has all three Prussian moulds that allow you to cast the regiments from Prussia shown below. These are 40mm scale and semi-flat figures. Each mould can cast hundreds of times with our Model metal due to its low melting temperature. These moulds also have a unique feature for this scale in that they have far greater flexibility due to interchangable parts, especially heads. They include infantrymen, drummers, standard-bearers and officers.

Seven Years War Prussian Musketeers

Prussian Musketeers: These troops were the standard regular infantry which comprised the first 32 regiments of the Prussian army. They formed the bulk of the troops in each regiment. They are distinguished by their tri-corn hats.

Seven Years War Prussian Grenadiers

Prussian Grenadiers: These were the elite troops of the Prussian infantry. They formed separate companies in the main infantry battalions but in the field were formed into distinctive Grenadier battalions (each battalion consisting of four Grenadier companies, two from each regiment). They are distinguished by the tall mitre cap.

Seven Years War Fusiliers

Prussian Fusiliers: These were lighter infantry but organized in the same manner as the musketeer regiments also with their own grenadier companies which were detached from them when in action. They wore their own distinctive smaller mitre-caps and comprised 21 regiments in the Prussian army.

This Ultimate Gift kit contains:

  • PA3101 Prussian Officer and Musketeer Standard Bearer mould,
  • PA3102 Prussian Grenadier Drummer and Fusilier mould,
  • PA3103 Prussian Musketeer and Grenadier mould,
  • 2 large support boards,
  • 10 bars of Model metal,
  • Small pot of release agent,
  • Large mould storage box,
  • Painting and casting instructions.

Apart from this kit you need casting accessories (PA2000), model paints, brushes, snipper and a heat source like a domestic cooker. All items can be found in our web shop.

Model metal contains a percentage of lead in the alloy.

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