WARZONE MUTANT CHRONICLES: The solar system is being torn apart by the fury of the Second Corporate wars. From the sunbaked planet of Mercury to the ice-fields of Ganymede the five mega-corporations do battle. And even as the armies of humankind struggle for supremacy, the Dark Legion has returned. Only the spiritual guidance of the Brotherhood offers humanity any hope of resisting the forces of darkness.

This game involves 8 very different factions which struggle to survive, 7 of these are human while the Dark Legion contains demons, monsters and other abominations that seek to obliterate all life everywhere. Players new to the game will need to buy the Warzone Battle Game first to learn all the rules of this turn based game. We also have expansion games and extra books and magazines that are very useful in exploring more avenues of adventure.

While it may take a little while to learn the rules and the story behind the game, it will open up (literally) a whole universe of entertainment. Warzone is often considered one of the best set of rules in the wargaming world, filled with indepth detail and colourful backgrounds.

These games were manufactured by Target Games and Heartbreaker games. Related artwork is copyrighted accordingly.

Warzone Games & Expansion sets

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