The Barleycorn chess set was released in May 2020. The name comes from a popular design in the 19th Century both in Europe and North America, when the originals had both the king and queen pieces with a leaf design around a central stem. This design was discontinued with the lathe-made pieces but the name stuck. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned Barleycorn chess sets.

These are three moulds. The pawn mould has three pawns in it to help speed up the casting process. You can produce the entire 32 piece chess set in about one hour of casting. It takes about 10 bars of metal to fill the set. It requires approximately 1115 grams of Model Metal.

Chess boards are not included but can be added here. Felt bases are to be glued onto the bottom of the metal pieces to help protect the boards from scratches during gameplay. All these products are manufactured in Ireland by Irish workers.

Barleycorn Chess Moulds

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