These are some of the first figures produced by Prince August originally designed for plaster moulds. The figures can be painted in the uniforms of 1700-1760 for England, France, Sweden, Prussia and Russia. All these products are manufactured in a Gaeltacht or Irish speaking district in Ireland by Irish workers. Táimíd lonnaithe i gCill na Marta i gcroí lár Ghaeltacht Mhúscraí. Caitheamh aimsire fíor thaitneamhach don gclann go léir.

18th Century Artillery Cannon, Limber and Horses

Limber crew formed using PA32, PA36, PA37, PA32 and PA38.

18th Century Artillery Cannon and Crew

Artillery crew using PA32, PA33, PA34 and PA35. 

Uniform diagrams

Danish uniform of 1701, mould PA24.
English uniform of 1742, mould PA23.
French uniform 1724, mould PA12.
French uniform of 1724, mould PA26.
English uniform of 1750, mould PA11.
English 2nd Cavalry Regiment 1751, mould PA40.
Prussian uniform of 1756, mould PA19.
Prussian uniform of 1756, mould PA11.
Russian uniform of 1700, mould PA25.
Saxony 1745, mould PA27.
Swedish uniform of 1709, mould PA16.
Swedish uniform of 1709, mould PA15.
Swedish uniform of 1709, mould PA21.
Swedish uniform 1709, mould PA12.
Swedish uniform of 1709, mould PA11.
Wüttemberg uniform of 1730, mould PA25.

Holger Eriksson HE Moulds

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