Mould Making Kit - includes Silicone Rubber and accessories.

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Creating your own mould has never been easier. Using Silicone Rubber you can create a mould from any hard master item, whether it be a tool or figure.

This kit includes some of the most essential items including:

  • 1 Kilo of Silicone Rubber in two 500gram tubs,
  • 1 Kilo of modelling clay (a.k.a. plasticine), EN71 compliant. Colour and brand may vary.
  • a 3 ML tub of Vaseline (a lubricant),
  • an applicator brush,
  • underlay board 22.7 x 16 cm.

Room temperature curing silicone rubber RTV. Suitable for white metal casting. Shore hardness 60. Mixing ratio 1 :1.
Operating time 30-50m. Curing time 12h.

The silicone rubber and modelling clay is NON-toxic.

Material Safety Data Sheet for Silicone Rubber Tub A and Tub B. (PDFs)

We made a series of videos to explain the entire process in detail.

You will need the following additional items to complete this project (not supplied).

  • A roller pin to flatten the clay.
  • 2x flat bladed knives (not serrated edge or curved).
  • kitchen roll paper for cleaning up spills
  • A flat ended pen like an old Biro for making indentations in the clay.
  • A half plastic carton of something like milk or juice, with a flat bottom, to mix the silicone rubber.
  • A cooker to warm the clay by 50 degrees Celsius for 10 to 15 minutes prior to initial use.

The curing stages will take about 10 hours each time. We also recommend putting the freshly cured moulds in the fridge for additionally two hours before removing the clay walls and base. This will harden the clay and make it a lot easier to remove.

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