PA1857: 54mm Scale Nativity Set - Wiseman with Turban Moulds

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These moulds allow you to cast one of the 3 Wisemen (3 Kings)  that visited Mary and Joseph to give honor to baby Jesus. This wiseman's name is Balthazard.

The gospel of Matthew retells the tale about the visit of the three eastern Kings to worship Jesus shortly after his birth in Bethlehem. They had an unfortunate encounter with King Herod before that, accidently alerting him that the King of the Jews had been born. They followed a star that helped lead them to the place where Jesus was and they brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Due to a warning through a dream they disobeyed Herod and never told him exactly where Jesus was, as they realised Herod meant to harm the child.

Prince August has a starter kit that includes all nine moulds if you wish to collect them all in one purchase. Alternatively please include some casting accessories with this mould so you can use it.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Paints (not included) suggested to use with this mould.

AV951 - White Acrylic Paint.

AV950 - Black Acrylic Paint.

AV980 - Black Green Acrylic Paint.

AV878 - Old Gold Acrylic Paint.

AV899 - Dark Prussian Blue Acrylic Paint.

AV930 - Dark Blue Acrylic Paint.

AV959 - Purple Acrylic Paint.

AV810 - Royal Purple Acrylic Paint.

AV958 - Pink Acrylic Paint.

AV841 - Andrea Blue Acrylic Paint.

AV844 - Deep Sky Blue Acrylic Paint.

AV828 - Woodgrain Acrylic Paint.

AV939 - Smoke Acrylic Paint.

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PA1857 Wiseman with Turban - Balthazard - Nativity mould
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