PA719: Robin Hood: Robin of Sherwood's Chess Set side moulds

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  • Chess board Mahogny & Maple 35
  • Black & White Chess board 35
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This set of three double moulds which cast the six pieces required to make a complete chess set side: King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn. You will require about 16 bars of metal to complete a full chess set. Chess Painting Guide (PDF).

Come now to the ancient forest of Sherwood, beneath the oaks older than history. Robin hood, Maid Marrion, Friar Tuck & the Merry Men sit laughing. Robin is hatching another bold plan to rob the rich to feed the poor. Beyond the greenwood, in his stone keep, sits Robin’s arch enemy the Sheriff of Nottingham, backed by the forces of Church and State, plotting the downfall of the outlaws. Share in this archetypal drama as your game unfolds.

Our chess set brings to life the Story of Robin Hood with detailed and well proportioned figures. We have two sides, Robin Hood of Sherwood and The Sheriff of Nottingham.

The tale of Robin Hood has been retold by many generations. Is your first Robin Hood from the classic illustrations and text of Howard Pyle's 1883 "The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood" which is still in print to this day? Did you first encounter the tale with the swashbuckling Errol Flynn film "The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)" or the Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn's film "Robin and Marian" released in 1976 or Disney's live-action version "The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men" in 1952, or even the 1973 animated classic or even Kevin Costner's 1991 film? Every one will have their own favourite, the legend of the folk hero remains ever popular.

The story is older than you might think. The 1226 court records tell of a man named Robert Hod who was seized by the Sheriff of York. This Sheriff later became the Sheriff of Nottingham. The court rolls of Wakefield, England, in 1316 and 1317, record Robert Hood and his wife Mathilda. This has been also speculated as the original Robin Hood. The poem "A Gest of Robyn Hode" was printed sometime around 1510, which tell many of the aventures in the modern tale. We will never know which are the true facts, however it is the spirit of freedom and independence that has endeared him to many generations.

Size of pieces in mm
King 62
Queen 63
Bishop 60
Knight 55
Rook 42
Pawn 58

Get Additional Robin Hood Chess Pawns moulds to save you time.

av806 German Yellow  
av818 Red Leather  
av820 Off White  
av822 Black Brown  
av869 Basalt Grey  
av874 US Tan Earth  
av879 Green Brown  
av837 Pale Sand  
av847 Dark Sand  
av864 Natural Steel  
av876 Brown Sand  
av881 Yellow Green  
av890 Reflective Green  
av896 Extra Dark Green  
av912 Tan Yellow  
av914 Green Ochre  
av916 Sand Yellow  
av923 Japan Uniform  
av924 Russian Uniform  
av928 Light Flesh  
av941 Burnt Umber  
av944 Old Rose  
av946 Dark Red  
av950 Black  
av951 White  
av955 Flat Flesh  
av961 Sky Blue  
av976 Buff  
av977 Desert Yellow  
av981 Orange Brown  
av983 Flat Earth  
av998 Bronze

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