PA852: France - Great Powers of the 1900's Mould Set

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Hobby Casting Moulds


This is a box set containing three vulcanised black rubber moulds that cast 54mm scale fully round metal miniatures of toy soldiers and two PTFE rods to help attach the heads to the bodies.

After the lavish and elaborate uniforms of the Second empire which fell in 1870, those of its successor, the Third republic, were rather plain in comparison, particularly those of the metropolitan army. This trend to simplicity was continued in the army reforms of 1900, when the previously braided infantry tunic gave way to a simpler single breasted version.

The Kepi, originally an unofficial cap, made by the French troops stationed in North Africa in the 1830’s, gradually became the regular headwear of the French infantry, and over time its height was generally reduced. The French infantry in 1900, both officers and OR’s, were dressed in dark blue tunics, with those of officers of a darker hue than those of  the men.

The trousers were the famous “Pantalon rouge” of a vivid crimson colour, again worn by both officers and OR’s. which were kept even during the early part of WW1. Rank for officers was distinguished by a system of decoration on the Kepi, cuffs and epaulettes. That for NCO’s was denoted by a system of stripes on the lower sleeve.

These moulds are suitable for casting in all three alloys, if you use the Prince August Solder Pot to aid you. You can also find the Digital Thermometer very useful for making sure you have the metal at the right temperature.

There are PTFE rods included to allow you to make the neck hole to attach the head later. Just place the small rods in the body cavity where the head would be after you have applied the talcum powder and before assembling the mould. Take it out after casting and keep safe for reuse. If you loose the PTFE rod, more are available online.

Assembly of the casted figures is required so you may wish to acquire some superglue suitable for metal. Scratch the areas a little in a crosshatch pattern before attaching to give more grip for the glue.

Colours for painting these uniforms are recommended as follows:

Officer: Gold, Red, Crimson, Blue-Black and Black.
Infantry: Tan, Dark Blue, Scarlet Red, Yellow, Dark Green, White, Blue, Red, Gold and Crimson.

More detailed painting instructions available as PDF.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.


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PA852: France - Great Powers of the 1900's Mould Set
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