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PA965: Viking Axeman 40mm Scale Mould

  • PA965 Vikings Axeman blister
  • Vikings Axeman
  • Vikings Axeman Painting Instructions
  • Hobby Casting Metal Miniatures using Prince August Rubber Moulds
  • Venting Guide to Prince August Toy Soldier Moulds
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Vikings were very fond of axes and round shields in combat. Axes were superb for close combat, and caused more damage to enemy shields and armour than swords. However they were usually slower, or lacked piercing power of a sword tip. The round shield was wooden with a metal or leather rim. It had a metal Boss in its center that could be used to punch out at an attacking enemy, turning a defensive weapon into an offensive weapon, and that was the Viking style without doubt. They were normally painted with bright variegated colours, often quartered in two different colours or having variants of cross motifs painted upon them.

This is our most popular mould in the Viking range. It is a perfect depiction of the Warrior as he charges towards his enemy, ready to hack and slash his way to glory, and loot.

Each ingot of metal should cast about 4 of these figures. These are fully round figures so they can take slightly more metal than expected.

If you are just starting out with this hobby I strongly suggest buying our Viking Starter kit and stocking up on some extra metal too.

Viking Painting Guide:

B = Base, W = Wash, HD = Hi-Dry, BD = Base Dry.

All figures are first undercoated in white paint and all the other colours are painted over this.

AV951 - White.

AV950 - Black.

AV980 - Black Green.

AV864 - Natural Steel.

AV912 - Tan Yellow.

AV823 - Luftwaffe Cam. Green.

AV833 - Germ. Cam. Bright Green.

AV953 - Flat Yellow.

AV856 - Ochre Maroon.

AV815 - B. Skintone.

AV846 - Mahogany Brown.

AV957 - Flat Red.

AV909 - Vermillion.

AV826 - Germ. Cad. M. Brown.

AV843 - Cork Brown.

AV997 - Silver.

AV983 - Flat Earth.

PDF Download:

Viking Axeman Painting Guide (PDF).

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