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Solder Melting Pot

  • Solder Melting Pot
  • Solder Melting Pot
  • Solder Melting Pot
  • Plug Options. UK or EU.
  • Introducing a Hobby Casting Solder Melting Pot by Prince August
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12 months from date of purchase.


A major breakthrough in home casting.

This melting pot is a must for the serious hobby caster. The temperature is thermostatically regulated between 200-450c. An ordinary electric cooker does not go more than 320c which is barely enough.  By heating the metal an extra 50-70c the metal gets much more fluid and flows into the intricate parts of the mould and you will get much better castings. It is also much more energy efficient and uses only 250w against an electric cooker 1200-2000w.  It melts the alloy in less than half the time compared to a standard electric cooker. The pot is titanium plated so alloy will not stick to it.

Please check you have selected the correct plug type before purchase: UK and EU plugs are options.

Also supplied with the pot is a bag of flux for cleaning the dross off the metal.

Additional flux powder is available (32 grams per pot approx).

To pour the metal into a mould use a Prince August ladle (included by default. Select 'None' if you don't need it).

Introductory Offer: Buy any 10 bars of alloy at 50% discount from the options. 

Minimum 5 bars needed in the pot to scoop out the metal for casting.

Enjoy perfect castings with this new melting pot. Even 5 star pewter metal is easy to cast using this pot.

Other details:

Voltage: 220-230v
Watt: 250w
Temperature: 200-450c
Capacity: 10 bars of Prince August Model or Standard alloy or 1.25kg, 5 Star Pewter is lighter so 850 grams if that is chosen.

CE Compliance

rohs compliance

Safety instructions for Soldier Pot (English) as PDF.

Stanogen Safety Sheet as PDF.

US Customers:

These pots can be used on 110v-120v if you have a converter like this one:

Seven Star SF500 500W 110v/220v 220v/110v Step Up/Down Automatic Transformer Adapter. (on Amazon). Please note that you need at least a 500 Watt to cope with the transfer of heat.

Australian and New Zealand Customers:

Jackson Inbound USA/Europe Travel Adapter from Bunnings.

Made in China for Prince August under ISO 9001.

Hot metal will burn! Not suitable for children under 14 years of age without adult supervision.

Never put wet metal in the pot. It will explode.

Do not use the pot for cooking.

After handling lead containing alloy, do not smoke or handle food.

Wash your hands after use.

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