Most of the Tribes are driven by a strict adherence to ancient religious beliefs. The Crescentian follow a tenet derived from the teachings of Islam, though the wisdom and beauty of the faith has given way to violent jihad.

The Brotherbounds form the main body of the Crescentian army they are unfailingly loyal and fearsome in battle. The Jihad Infantry boast heavy firepower and are renowned for their fearsome charge into Close Combat.

Kahn's Guard are hand-picked from an early age to form the honor guard of this great Tribal Leader. It is said that the Lamented have foreseen their own death and thus they know no fear. They do not concern themselves with that which cannot be changed. Martyrs are those e warriors that have lost everything they ever cared about. All that remains to them is their loyalty to the Tribe for whom they will gladly give their lives. Respected throughout the Tribe are the individuals known as Prophets. They inspire the warriors to battle and lead the way with their two-handed power maces.

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