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PA3126 Seven Years War Dragoons 40mm Mould Set

  • PA3126 Seven Years War Dragoons  - with interchangeable parts box set.
  • PA3126 Seven Years War Dragoons - Trooper, Officer and Drummer.
  • The selection of heads and arms in one of the moulds. See description for details.
  • PA3126 Seven Years War Dragoons mould set
  • PA3126 Seven Years War Dragoons heads and other accessories mould.
  • PA3126 Seven Years War Dragoons Drummer and Horse mould.
  • PA3126 Seven Years War Dragoons Officer and Horse with accessories mould.
  • PA3126 Seven Years War Dragoons Soldier and horse and accessories mould.
  • History: Seven Years' War
  • The Seven Years War
  • Seven Years' War 2
  • How to use an O-ring or Core when casting from Prince August moulds.
  • Seven Years War | 3 Minute History
  • Venting Guide to Prince August Toy Soldier Moulds
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Cast Seven Years' War semi-flat 40mm scale Dragoons, with three different horses and many different heads, arms and accessories. Includes 2 PTFE rods. The painting / assembly guides will be made available shortly.

Difficulty Levels 1 to 5:
  • Casting Difficulty - 3
  • Assembly Difficulty - 2
  • Painting Difficulty - 2
Casting advice:

Similar to the previous release of the Austrian Cavalry, take care to heat the metal properly and tap the mould either while pouring, if you are dexterious enough, or immediately afterwards, to help remove air pockets. Vent the moulds only after testing.

We recommend our scalpels because you need an extremely sharp blade to properly vent a mould. Our Gel Glue is very effective for assembling these figures.

Mould 3126 Dragoons.
  1. Multiple Dragoon and Horse Grenadier heads and arms.
  2. Drummer body and horse.
  3. Officer body and horse.
  4. Soldier body and horse.

The image on the cover has the various heads and arms as follows:

Top Row (L to R):
  • Horse Grenadier cap: (Britain/Hanover/Brunswick.
  • Russian horse grenadier cap.
  • Austrian horse grenadier cap.
  • French fatique cap.
  • British light dragoon helmet.
Bottom Row (L to R)
  • Standard bearer arm (to convert Officer)
  • Prussian dragoon tricorn.
  • French horse grenadier cap
  • Bare-head with wig.

Due to the nature of Dragoons, all nations found them useful so the many heads allow for a wide array of customisation for the different nations they can be part of.

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