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100+ Army Pack Seven Years War Austria (Hungarians)

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The Seven Years War was possibly the first world war between so many different countries. It took place in the mid 18th Century.

This bundle gives you four of our 40mm scale semi-flat rubber moulds that allow you to cast all the Hungarian Infantry troops from the Austrian Army, (the Austrian 3105 mould is included but not strictly required for the Austro-Hungarians but in conjunction with the Prussian Bundle will allow you to cast the Austrian infantry in full), as well as 20 bars of Model Metal (an alloy of lead, tin and bismuth) which is the best metal for casting as it gives great detail, melts at below 300 Celsius which extends the life of the mould, and is quick to use. The storage box is useful for keeping all your moulds neat and tidy and store any excess metal as well. Casting accessories (Kit 2000) and brushes and paints are optional and are discounted to compliment this special offer.

You can cast about 5 infantry per ingot so with 20 bars of metal you can cast 100 figure for 1.21 Euro each (ex. V.A.T).

Please look at the Seven Years War page for more information on this range or download the pdfs below for free.


Austria: Hungarian Assembly Guide (pdf).

Austria: Hungarian printable spare flags (pdf).

Austria: Hungarian 3106 - 3107 - 3108 Painting Guide (pdf).

Figures painted by Richard Hattersley.


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100+ Army Pack Seven Years War Austria
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